How to hack android device

How to hack android phone connected in the same network using IP address. Is it possible to do that?

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It’s possible, but it’s better ask to admin phone

Well, sorry, hacking is not the term We or the people who do such stuff use. The reason for that is you will be committing a crime and believe me wrong time has no specific time to come.

To answer your question, please tell me one thing when you say hack, what do you mean by that?
Do you want to access the victim’s phone remotely? If yes, then do you have physical control of that phone so that you can install a Rat or BackDoor. To do that, check these threads.

And if you don’t have physical access, you might need coding skills to encapsulate these Rat or Backdoors into some legit-looking Applications and send them to your victim. Of course, you will not name the encapsulated app as Rat or Hacking sort. (This will blow your cover :smiley: )

And if you mean hack by just disturbing the victim, you can try Blasting their mails and number with SMS Bomber sort of attacks. (This is usually just to have fun with your lads)
Try these threads.

I hope you or anyone reading this will not harm anyone with these methods/techniques because these are only for educational purposes.

I hope this will help you (Hit like if it does) and if you need any further help please PM me.
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