How To Grow Your Telegram Quickly

If you’re reading this, you obviously have a good reason, too. No matter if it’s to sell something on a telegram or just build a telegram and run ads, you’re here to learn how to grow a telegram.

So these are some of the best ways to grow a telegram.

The first and most obvious one is Social media, you want to go find someone who already has a successful telegram through social media videos and copy them. For example let’s say you sell game cheats, you want to post on reels (seriously how are you not doing this by now)

And start talking like a TikTok kid ‘POV: Making little kids cry’ - ‘Imagine coming up against me’ YOU WANT TO SPARK CONTROVERSY it doesn’t matter how much hate you get, all coverage on your telegram is what’s needed to grow. Don’t forget to use those image slides, they’re rlly good. You could use something like ’ THINGS I REGRET DOING’ ‘GETTING TOO RICH ON GTA’ You want people to think ‘how does he have so much money’ when they check your account they’ll see your telegram link which you should have bait ‘Stop being broke in gta’ And boom shaka laka you will grow.

The Next one is using sites like Reddit yes you can say it goes in point one but its different, you SHOULD be replying to so many posts and giving them value and then tying it in with a link, this will help massively.

The 3rd step is to go into discords, yes discords you want to partner with these servers, as you’re a telegram you’ll stand out much more to people using discord instead of just another server they won’t even look at. Your telegram will stand out to them. USE FREE PROMO SERVERS, RACCOONS DEN, BADBOYHALOS, people will promote their discords where you can partner with them, if you’re really sneaky you can say you’ll promote their server and just not do it, most likely they won’t even check so you’re gaining free promo that people will see.


I want to say if you’re selling on telegram, it’s likely you’re going to need a lot of social proof for people to trust you and buy from you. People will leave if they don’t think your server is popular enough, think about it… why join a club with only 5 people when there’s one down town with 700 people.

Instead of waiting for a while to gain members who might not even buy, it’s a good idea to just bot your telegram posts, reactions, polls,( even members at the start)

If this sounds better instead of wasting weeks getting started, this is the website I use


Happy learning!