How To Grow Twitter | Growth Method

Here is a simple method to grow Twitter right now if you have a little or a lot of ad spend.

Step 1.

Create a group of accounts you want to target Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that has a decent option for targeting followers. research accounts in your niche & target the followers of those accounts - low hanging fruit. the more time you spend researching the better.
If your niche is hard to find good accounts for, then use interest targeting.

Step 2.
Write 6-8 good tweets keep them simple keep them funny these tweets are the ones you will be boosting when you first boost your tweets you will be doing this to see which will get you the most followers at the lowest cost.

Step 3.
Start campaign load as much as you want even if its $5 a day or $100 i would start slow and then spend more with the tweets that are converting. location depends on your niche ive run campaigns that international traffic is fine but its up to your niche + product. but if you run international you should see a range of about .08 to .15 cents per follower. USA traffic is higher but you should still see a range of about .25 to 40 cents per follower.

The goal is to get a few thousand followers quickly so you can start getting engagement and retweets and be seen!

This is a simple guide no fluff again its for the people who have some ad spend to spend on their Twitter accounts but this will save you a huge amount of time because organically it can take a couple of months with just tweeting.

I have tried to be as detailed as possible but as I said, this is an easy way to get started on Twitter.

Happy learning!