How To Grow Instagram Followers & Post Comment To Increase Posts

Bot to grow my meme page to around 30k followers and then I sold it. I got around 500 followers daily (with a peak of 1k in a day) and my engagement increased organically as well.


  1. Install xampp on your computer
  2. Install auto refresh extension on your browser (We preferr using Chrome)


  1. Extract the
  2. Copy the afcs folder to C:\xampp\htdocs
  3. Set your comment list on Komentar.txt at C:\xampp\htdocs\afcs\aconpt


  1. Open xampp control panel (if you can’t find xampp control, you can find it on C:\xampp)

  2. Click Start Apache

  3. Open your browser, and find localhost/afcs

  4. You will see “Check” and “Login” options,

    • if you want to run this tool, make sure you already connect your account by click login options
    • If you want to change account, just login again using the account that you want to use
  5. After you login, find again on your browser localhost/afcs or you can just press back.

  6. Then click check, if your account already connected, you must see a few list of post from your timeline.

  7. Start the auto refresh, set to 2 seconds

Status details :

  • EXPIRED = the post already uploaded more than 1 minute, so the script will detect its not a new post.
  • RUN = your account prepare for making new comment.
  • SUCCESS = your comment already posted an you be the first comment on that post.
  • FAILED | CANT FIRST COMMENT = there is already another comment from other people, so your account not gonna make comment on that post
  • Feedback_required = Your account getting action block

Download Mirrors

Download TopComment (Dropbox)
Download TopComment (Mega)

Virus total, It’s deep clean!

Happy learning!


Does this really work? did anyone get the result?

Melody khao khud jaan jao

Translation try it Then Give Review

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Not Working from this step says the requested url was not found on this server
Inshort not able to login

Edit:-i Found Solution to this if u have downloaded from dropbox that file is not working so i downloaded from mega and it is working Thanks :+1:

This works.
After the first 30mins, Instagram locked my account because of a suspected login from a “phishing” website, after I changed the password and tried it again, it has been working for hours.
Whether or not you can gain huge followers from this is still in question.
The main goal of the bot is to be the first to comment on any post on your TL, this will make you interactive and people will reciprocate by commenting on your posts too.

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So u are locked now?or your account is safe after changing password and are u still using it after changing password?

No, it has been working after I changed my password and logged in again. No problem thus far

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Ok it means this tool is safe after changing password?Instagram doesn’t block the account of using a bot? or is it?

Yes, at least I can confirm, my bot has been running about 8 hrs now with no issues.

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Great Thanks For answering my doubts :heart_eyes: :+1:

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Should we use our main account or create a new account? And is there a change for ban?

I am using in my main account from 1 day and it is working fine and i got 60 new followers by just running this Great tool :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:And yes my account was shadow banned using this tool i am getting new followers everyday :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Edit :-After 2 days of usage :grin:Instagram recognised it And restricted my account not to comment​:grin:

I can view posts but can’t Comment now for 1 day
This is the message i got

Will use it again after 1 day for next update :grin:Peaceout

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why to do all this just buy it from Zaer from ad bellow

Because they are fake followers these are real😁

yes because it’s soo real it causes you account to lock hahahaha, bro our packages have real users and it’s all safe for your account, even if they are fake they don’t get your account to be locked for ever dear hahahahaha :rofl:

Yes it causes account to be locked for 1 day because i overused i ran it for almost 14-16hrs per day

even if you didn’t use it for 14-16 hour after 3 or 4 days it will give you the same warning this is how Instagram algorithm works dear, there is a lot programs that will do the same jop like ninjagram and stackpost, they will all cause you to lock your account at the end that’s why im telling you buying followers using our services is the safest and the cheapest ! :blush: