How To Get Youtube Monetization Faster πŸ’―

Hey all!

Most people who show you how to get monetized just drop a YTmonster link and thats all, Im going to show you exactly what to do with YTmonster in order to get monetized, Its not rocket science, but for those who dont know you watch other videos and earn credits to spend on your own videos.

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Lets begin!
So, in order to get monetized your channel must meet these requirements:
1k subs | 4,000 hours of watchtime | 2 step verification | 0 strikes
The first 2 are simple, but the subs and watchtime are the hard part.
So, lets get started!

Sign up on YTmonster

First on the list: Credits!

  • You can have 3 panels open watching videos. I would have this open in the background for a few days and BINGE videos.
  • Once you have 50k or so, I would start ordering views (keep watching vids in background)
  • Start with 500 or so for one video. Dont do flat numbers, do like 521 or something.
  • Then keep doing around 500 views for 100-500 seconds per video you upload. You can do it multiple times as you earn.
  • At this rate, you should have the views within 30 days.

Next: Subs!

  • I would use an SMM panel for this as you can get subs pretty cheap.
  • Order like 1041 or something. Not a flat number
  • Wait for the subs to deliver.
  • Then you have both the views and the subs for the program. Wait to receive an email and profit!

You can also use SMM panels for views. It’ll be way quicker but will cost more. YTmonster is free :pog:

Thanks for reading and happy earning


SMM panel recommendations?


You did not mention the smm panel we are to use?

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