How to get Xampp to autostart modules on ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

I’m running a fresh install on ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my machine which i have installed xampp on. When I launch xampp apache is already running but i’m trying to get MySQL Database to autostart when Xampp launches.

Note: I’m not trying to launch xampp when system starts.

I’m new to linux (3 days ago) other than that i have never experimented with it.

Exactly what are you trying to run? I’m going to assume you have a program that handles all the SQL stuff, like PHPadmin. I would recommend you create a bash script that starts your SQL database, then add it to crontab to run on every boot. However, if you want to get it to start when Xampp launches, it’s significantly more complicated as you will have to modify program files.

I have managed to solve this the problem was i have been that i have been a windows user for too long lol

The Xampp control panel is different on both operating system. On Windows to auto-start services you have to enable it via the settings but on Linux it seems to remember what services you had running last time.

So long story short, I’m looking for a setting that’s not there.

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