How to get working w10 keys?

I know this is a most common question, also I’ve read the past posts related to this.

My question is there are lot of sellers offer windows key from 2$ to whatever price they like. How does they getting the keys continuously?

I don’t think most of them are extracting keys from old PCs. I think they are getting them from some website or using some trick. Because even young kids in my country start to selling them. First I thought they are getting keys form ebay and reselling, but those local sellers selling lesser price than ebay.

I could buy from them, but if they are getting the keys freely and sell whatever price they want I don’t like to buy from them.

Also I noted some sellers saying “the activation keys sold in this listing are genuine and are used as a system builder” and need a fresh install. Does that mean they are selling a common key? and how that works for lifetime? (if anyone here has bought and used please let me know)

I know you guys will tell me “those keys are not legit, so use the methods like KMS previously posted in here” But I’m not a Tech geek, so I feel little bit safer using a key rather than connection to a KMS server if possible. I already used those methods to activate current PC. but I want to reinstall w10 and start fresh. So I like to know how those ebay sellers and other people getting working windows keys

I’m not interested in reselling keys, cause I don’t like to sell something I couldn’t give a warranty or not legit. So please let me know a source or method of getting working windows keys.

Thanks for you time! :blush:


Also interested

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I have watched video about it. They said they are retail seller. They bought a lot of keys for that it is cheap. And i heard something Some of those keys leaked from some laptop factory in china. But I m not sure how much is true.

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Thanks for the info. I think that could be true for OEM keys. (I’m still not totally understand all type of keys) But those sellers selling hundreds of keys per day. I saw some reviews say that the key they received was not a unique one and it publicly available on the web

I’m interested too.

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Hii guys
I want to help onehack members for windows digital license key for life time premium.

Note: who needs pm me with fresh installation windows 10 pro, windows 10 education, windows 10 enterprises.

I will not share keys but I will activate with Anydesk your windows.

Whenever you install in next time windows 10 or upgrade no needs for activation it will activate automatically with connected internet.

So like this comment
Feel free to pm me it’s free

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they use hwidgen

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key can be recovered using tools like ShowKeyPlus :grinning:

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to be honest i dont rly on Activator,

i alredy got digital licence with my laptop its kinda activated by my email-id

though i wont use windows anymore, its pathetic.
i m using manjaro(linux) past 2 month its awesome, no glitches no lag, battery good, infact sometime i run steam too…

P.S: i m not a hardcore gamer
if you are dont want fall for any activator purchase windows from different website they cost around 2-3$ and most important its lifetime, cz those keys are digitally activated…

and for your question you can activate your windows unlimited times and extract your key and resell them… its also a method .
most people either use it by hwidgen…

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one key can be used several time until it is blacklisted and will not work anymore. They are just selling the same keys to several personns. You have to activate the key by phone and say that you’re using that key only on 1 PC.

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I really appreciate it if you really doing this for help someone without any other intention.
But letting someone to remote access the PC is not the solution. It’s worse than downloading a cracked windows iso from some a shady website.
You don’t have to publish the keys, just let us know how to get one :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks :blush:

But the problem is I don’t have a original key right now. Anyway I’ll try this when I could find a original key.

Did you mean the ebay sellers? Can you please explain it little bit? Thanks :blush:

Thanks :blush: are those the keys known as Multiple Activation Keys (MAK)? or Can retail keys be used by several persons too?

usualy retail keys

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actualy there are tools to get permanent activation of your PC without any cracks or anything to install.



is it even possible to get so many keys ???

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Bro ,I have windows 10 home, Help me to change it to windows10 pro

Pm me with your windows screen shots

use hwidgen