How To Get Whatsapp Numbers For Free ⭐

Here’s how to get your own WhatsApp Account in just 5 MINUTES!

First of all, download the TextNow app for iOS (…d314716233) or Android (…id.TextNow) then sign up ( no need to claim TextNow Plus ) and select your area code as 514 ??

After that, open WhatsApp and enter your TextNow Number, you’ll get a message from TextNow saying “Get verification codes with Lock In Number Verification code messages can only be accessed securely by upgrading your account. Tap on the link below to lock in your number now. You must be on app version 21.8 or above for the link to work. textnow://receive_verification_code The TextNow team”

Ignore it and request an OTP via call, enter it into WhatsApp and enjoy! ?
You might not get the call if your on Do Not Disturb ? So turn that off before trying

This took me hours to find out LMAO


Work perfect on me. Thank you. Btw, what’s “lock number” means? it’s take 5-6 $ cost.

Hi @Prometheus
I have an Textnow account and it works fine in my Notebook, but as I’m in Brazil I can’t install the Textnow in my smartphone since I receive a message that the app is not avaliable in my country.
I’m thinking in download the textnow apk and install it in my smatphone and than try to see if works, do you have better ideia?

Is is necessary to set area code to 514 ?? or can we set it to something else ??
Thanks !!
PS: It is not available in my region how to fix that too ??

Hi guys
With a VPN we can get Textnow in our smatphone or in a notebook, what I see is that need to put an USA IP for me doesn’t work with a Canadian IP. I does not try with my smartphone, in this moment I’m trying with my notebook and the problem is that I’m not able to pass the captcha.
Someone here is having same problem? Anyone could help? Please