How To Get Wallpaper Engine | Any Wallpaper On Steam For Free

1- First of all you will need to download a cracked version of Wallpaper Engine Use whatever site you want for example SteamUnlocked
2- Install the program just like how you would install any program
now here is the important part how to download wallpapers for it from steam workshop…

Follow these instructions
1- Find a good wallpaper you like from here for example : we are using this one
2- now you will have to copy the link of the wallpaper you like and go on this site
3- once you’re on the site paste the link and press Download
4- now after you download it extract it but leave it in its folder like that
5- now copy that file and go to wherever you installed wallpaper engine open the folder then go to Projects —> My Projects and paste it there
6- restart wallpaper engine and enjoy!



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