How To Get Verified On Instagram | New Trick ⭐

  1. So step 1 you will need to make your account Look PROFESSIONAL! Your last few
    posts need to be really GOOD ones. No reposts and no unoriginal content (Important)

  2. Make sure your bio and your last 3 posts are not just 1 language but international, unless you
    are already famous/known. If you are famous this step can be skipped but if you are not make sure
    your bio and last few posts are international. This step will increase the chances even more.

  3. Now for the important step that you need to do carefully: (btw like this thread if you did not already)
    Create 3 impostor accounts from different browsers and IPS, if you use chrome normally use firefox/edge,
    and make sure you are connected to a VPN/PROXY. If you don’t know a VPN I suggest ProtonVPN because its free.

  4. Set all the copycat account usernames, names, and bio to something similar/the same
    as the account you are getting verified. Then over the span of 1 week post copies on the
    copycat accounts and be active on them so they are not ghost accounts. Make sure to never
    connect to the copycat the same ip as the account you are verifying here.

  5. After 1-2 weeks passed, get 2-3 of your friends to report the account, when they are done log into
    the account you are verifying and report it yourself with “impersonating me”

  6. After the account is removed by instagram, apply for verification and BOOM! Usually takes around
    5-8 days to hear back, if its a no then repeat the steps until you are verified. It was my third try when
    I got verified. My account is an ecommerce page with 15,000 followers and 62 posts but you can do this
    with only 1000-2000 followers, since this method works so well.

Happy learning!


i think repost

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