How To Get Unlimited Youtube Premium Trials | Nonstop

[1] Requirements

[:star:] Android Device
[:star:] Google Play Store and your Google Account
[:star:] Sim Card
[:star:] YOUTUBE App or YOUTUBE Music App

[ 2 ] Currently works on
• Orange
• O2
• Sun
• Globe/TM
• Smartclick

[ 3 ] Steps for the method:

[:zap:] Open Google Play Store and click Payment Methods
[:zap:] Click on Add Payment Method

[:zap:] Once your number is added on your payment methods, open YOUTUBE or YOUTUBE Music App
[:zap:] Click your profile on the upper right to go to Account Settings
[:zap:] Click <Get YOUTUBE Premium">
[:zap:] Click <>
[:zap:] On Payment Setup, click your “Number” & click <<>>
[:zap:] Once success, enjoy premium features.

Happy learning!