How To Get Unlimited Webhosting & Domains Free For Lifetime

How To Get Unlimited webhosting & Domains Free for Lifetime | No Payment Needed

  • first thing to do is to go to

  • Register with your email, and activate your account.

  • Next thing to do is to go to Client Area.

  • After that, you need to click “Create New Account” Button.

  • Then type whatever name you want your website to be (Make sure that “Free domain” is ticked!)

  • And choose either “” or “” (That will be extension to your website name. example:

  • After you choose your site name click on :heavy_check_mark: button, and you should be redirected to your Client Area.

  • Now Click “Manage” button for the site you just made, after that you should go to Control Panel and you are ready to go.



Thanks, it’s great to start my training.

That’s is not domain I want?.. :grin: :pray:

its not domain they are providing subdomains mention that in the article.
don’t do click bet

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