How to get Unlimited Netflix Premium Accounts for Free (Method)

What’s the method ? we are going to buy a digital Netflix Account from Aliexpress and then refund it.

  1. First find an Netflix account listing on Aliexpress.

  2. Buy the netflix account on Aliexpress with your real address and wait few hours

  3. Now you received account from seller, if not you can message him on Aliexpress. He sent you account on your email, Aliexpress messages or Whatsapp
    Go to your orders > click on your Netflix account purchase > open dispute. Just write there that you received completely different thing then expected. You can add image of email from seller and this screenshot. Another way to refund it is waiting and reporting it as not received.

  4. Now you have a free Premium Netflix account for free and you will get your money back to repeat this process make a new Aliexpress account different email and name and do it again.

NOTE : On Aliexpress isn’t allowed to sell digital products, so you will always get refund. ?


This is so low. Smh

Even amongst thieves, there is some honour!!!


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.


I don’t want but I have to say that image


Thanks but we don’t do that here :sweat_smile: :joy:




I though it was just only me to think this method is bullshit!

@Waga like your words! :100: to Gryffindor


You are the worst scum bag I have ever seen in my life.
Just die!

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I love to have Netflix account but I’m an Honest person.
I don’t believe in cheating. If I buy it, I’d love to pay that person because he put his efforts to get me that!
I proudly say I’d love to pay that person who put efforts to get me that account.


Like double steal going on here… Lol… Cracker steals owners password… You steal cracker’s password… What is this! Baseball… :rofl:


piece of shit, how will you feel if this happens to you?

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while, all of us here are scums who freely download copyrighted content and find ways to get “free” premium accounts, you sir, have reached a new low.

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That’s just cheap man. There is no way i’m doing that.

There are more ways to have an account for free on Netflix than this.

This is not ethical at all, Please respect the seller. All he wants to do is earn for his family

what are the other ways

  • Ask you friends/family to buy one for you (so it’s free, you don’t need to pay)
  • Borrow friends/family account (so it’s free)
  • TLG (hint: from Russia)

Great share! Well done OP :clown_face:

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