How To Get Unlimited Gmail Accounts! πŸ’―

Cα΅£β‚‘β‚β‚œβ‚‘ α΅€β‚™β‚—α΅’β‚˜α΅’β‚œβ‚‘d Gβ‚˜β‚α΅’β‚— α΅€β‚›α΅’β‚™g Dβ‚’β‚œ β‚œα΅£α΅’cβ‚– Gβ‚‘β‚™β‚‘α΅£β‚β‚œβ‚’α΅£

  • At first, You Must have Just 1 Gmail Account

  • Then go to the site and put that account name here (without

  • Just press β€œGenerate” and you will get Thousands of FREE ACCOUNTS.

  • They are all Connected with your first account so YOU JUST USE THE NORMAL MAIL INBOX FOR ALL THE ACCOUNTS!!! :smiley: :dancer: :partying_face: :wine_glass:

So if I send an mail to any of these accounts you just check it on the inbox of the first account.
If you wanna access youtube, drive, ECC just uses the first (the original) accounts.



Sam I only see a save button on the site.
Which saves a txt file.

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I thought that website will just produce Gmail id.
Thanks for the information. Love you Sam dude.


Thank you @SaM for the knowledge. From your post, I conclude that: if my email address is [email protected], then it similiar to [email protected].

Nice… :slight_smile:


Old trick ( google does not consider the Point as a letter)
Thanks anyway. :grinning:


Not old for some of us. Moreso we appreciate the simplicity of the email generation using the website. @SaM derives joy in sharing knowledge and so should we all.

I get better informed with each single day i spend on this site I am fast becoming addicted to the site.

I can’t rαΊΉ-echo it enough, a big heart-felt THANK YOU to @SaM and all other altruistic contributors on here. Keep up the good work.

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1242 emails generated.
Eat dat google.