How To Get Unlimited Discord Accounts Without Email Verification

What you will need:

  1. At least half of your brain working
  2. A discord main
  3. A private server
  4. The invite link of the private server
  5. A VPN (optional)
  6. Chrome browser/any other with incognito mode

This may get patched soon because of this share, thought about making it paid, but I decided to share it with you guys!

Step one: Go into incognito mode
For chrome: Three dots at the top right > New incognito window

Step two: In the top, paste the invite link to the private server

Step three: Press enter, it will ask for you to enter a name, enter any

Step four: Enter any birthday older than 18

Step Five: it will ask for email and password, enter any with the email in this format: [email protected] (No need to verify it)

Congrats your account had been created, the time it will last depends, create quickly if you are raiding a server. if discord banned you from creating more, turn/turn off your vpn.

Source: Nulled

Happy learning!

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