How To Get Tinder Plus 6 Months | Full Detailed Method

1 - Bluestacks
2 - Hands
3 - A little bit of brain



1 - First Install

2 - After Installing it, go to settings (right bottom, there u will see cogs).
Press on, then go to Advanced > Create a custom profile > Manufacturer: Huawei | Brand: Huawei | Model Number: VOG-L29

3 - Press on “Save”

4 - Open chrome, go to, search for “HUAWEI APPGALLERY”, download and install it.


6 - Follow my steps:

6.1 - Put a random date of birth

6.2 - Press on “Use email address”

6.3 - Put your email > next > set password > next > > confirm your email > after verifying press on SKIP

6.4 - If u did all you should see "Your current country/region is Mexico. Press on “OK” > Agree.

7 - It can ask you to install “Huawei Mobile Services” - do it.

8 - In the right bottom you will see “ME”, go there and then “Rewards”, then “GET MORE”, scroll down and you will see a tinder offer.

9 - Install Tinder and then claim that offer, go back to your rewards and update it (going back and then again to rewards)

10 - You will see this: - press on “CLAIM/COPY”

11 - After copying the link, follow my steps again:

12 - After these steps, go to google and type: - !!!IMPORTANT!!! --> IT WILL ASK FOR LOCATION, PRESS “YES”

13 - Login into your account, and if it will ask again for location press yes.

14 - Once logged in, go again to and then press on “SEND”.

15 - If everything is okay, you should get tinder PLUS.

(Source: Nulled & Thanks to Murder)

Happy learning!


Did it work?


I would confirm that work! Great share!


It works!!!

Note that it is not limited to Mexico. I found other countries also have Tinder Plus 6 months reward as well.


Oh I forgot to mention that I did it earlier and it worked great! Now I don’t really have to rely on my modded Tinder as much lmao


cant seem to find tinder under the rewards section :frowning:

Yes… 2 days ago i did it

use a good VPN service that suits you, I would recommend( Express, Nord, Phisphon and like many more), also you can do modded

Pls which other country is connected to the TInder rewards

i just tried it. it works just as mentioned

did not work i try for 3 hour a night but in vain.

where do i get it?

is it working till now or i am late for it??