How To Get The Most High Quality Keywords Easily

We’re Going To Use Steam As An Example In This Short Tutorial. But Keep In Mind That This Method Works For Every Website, You Just Need An Account To Log In.

Steps To Follow :

1- Go to the website called and make an account.

2- Once you’re logged in, go to the home page, and search for the accounts you want (Ex: Netflix, Steam, Origin, Uplay, …) for my case, i’ve chosen steam.


As you can see, i added “accounts” to “steam” because i want steam accounts not garbage random steam stuff. That way you’ll gain a smaller quantity of keywords but HQ ones, not a big quantity but 60% of them are none HQ.

3- Wait until it finishes loading to get all of your keywords.


4- When it’s done, select this button " Rg2YdAs.png" to add all of the keywords generated to the other side.***


5- After doing all shits, you now have to make more keywords, and for that, we’re going to use other seeds (Ex: PUBG accounts, Rainbow Six Siege accounts, Thief Simulator accounts, …) and redo everything i said in this tutorial.

Happy learning!

Friendly Websites