How to get the best hq proxies | easy method

Pretty simple for people who’s just starting but also who needs something to scrape proxies

1. Download this file:…Ypv0gJ2rnrog_DY

It’s a proxy scraper, with this you’ll get most of the best free proxies possible!

2. Run it and click on: image

3. It should now automatically check for the best proxies alive and sort them out for anonymity level.

If this doesn’t happen, just click on image

4. When everything is done, you’ll see the full list of your available proxies

5. Now, to get your .txt and use it on a checker you just have to click on image

This window will appear, you can choose to filter the proxies!



I hope this will help people to start.



Free HQ proxies = Syntaxe Error, what you’re saying is bullshit. :rofl:


At least respect the dude’s effort and bring something to this community, share what you got bro, we all know to talk and write but not all have the sharing spirit. :thinking:


sorry but there is no effort there, this kind of trick can be found in all hacking forum since a very very long time. This tool is older than my father, and the result will just waste your time…

Soon we will find here tutorials about how to do a simple search with google…


@cetipabo @fd2013
Seems to be working fine!
Thanks for the share :+1:

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Yeah bullshit if you follow the click click midless thing, that sw is the cream if you know how to use just load up few HQ sources and you ready to blast off Trump from the toilet. But WHat would you expect from Mr Bean?

nice share

That title : How to get the best hq proxies | easy method
should be in fact : How to get proxies | easy method

As long as it is “FREE” it can’t be “HQ”, which by the way doesn’t mean anything.