How to get temporary credit card for Google Cloud Account activation with 300$ credit

Hii Everyone,
I had created a new google cloud account and want to get 300$ credit in my account,
but it’s asking for the credit card. I am from India.

So does anyone can help me by that how I can get an online temporary virtual credit card for activation of google cloud account, or any other way, any other trick, so that I can activate this account and can get $300 credit.

Thanks in Advance

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You need a virtual cc many different companies offer this but idk in india.
When u add the cc google will make a payment and tak 1$ from ur card and give it back.


But i don’t want to pay 1$.
Is there any available temporary/fake virtual card for this ?

I don’t think this is possible without a real credit card. Google cloud doesn’t accept prepaid card and AFAIK all virtual card providers provide prepaid card (Debit Card).


purchase one from unicc, within few bucks, you will get a real credit card and you can use to do your stuffs. that won’t be the only thing you will do

Any VCC you try they won’t accept it you need a real debit or credit card with 100rs the amount is refundable so you will get your money back.

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