How To Get Stripe Account And SK Key | Easy Trick ⚡

This tutorial is really simple, let’s begin!

First of all, download ( for your Operating System. Open the application and connect to Germany
Now go to ( and click " Jetzt beginnen (" , now enter a spare email with any European name and the Country set to Germany.
Verify your E-Mail and then you should see a page with the title “Activate payments on your account”, click Activate Payments. Let’s go!
Head to ( and find a random German address. Now click Next and type in the European name, and a random birth date in between 1980-2001 and a Phone Number from Country Code +49: Phone Calls from Germany ( (weird bug but while your verifying itll say invalid date, grab your iphone login to stripe there and enter the date then just go back to pc, rlly weird)
Next it’ll ask for a VAT number, Industry, Business Website and Description. Find any German Business such as Contabo, Hetzner, etc and fill in their information.

Now fulfillment details, select any it doesn’t matter. Same with Customer support details.
We’re almost done, now it will ask for Bank Details. This was the reason we chose Germany, Germany is the easiest country to get fake valid Bank Information.
Method 1. Go to ᐅ Germany / Deutschland Fake Name | Address | Credit Card | Generator ( and scroll down to " “Financial Details” and copy paste that IBAN. Method 2. Place an order at whatever service your on and select bank transfer as method of payment, just copy the IBAN they tell you to send money to and not pay for it.
Use an authenticator app to do 2fa and just click Continue on Tax and Climate.
Finished! Just grab your API key and your good to go.

Happy learning!