How To Get Steam FA Accounts | Easy Method


  • Mail Access Combo (Buy them or get them for free in (german sites have more hits in steam in my experience like
  • Proxies (You can get them for free in but if you want a fast check buy them) (SOCKS 4 and 5 are better)

You should be patient

METHOD 1 (I recommend this Method) (manually)

STEP 1.Open Openbullet and load my steam regex config,mail access combo and proxies
STEP 2.Start Checking
STEP 3.The hit mean that the email is already registered in steam database
STEP 4.After Checking the big work starts
STEP 5.Go to the domain site of the hits like, etc and login with the credentials
STEP 6.Go here https://help.steampo…nfo?issueid=406 and put the email of that account
STEP 7.Go to inbox and search steam. You will get the message.You will get the code and paste it in the box and click confirm.Then it will say the name of the account.Save it in a file.Then change the password.Save the password next to the name in a txt.
STEP 8.Check the account games, balance and inventory
STEP 9.You can profit by selling or gift the games to your account by balance

METHOD 2 (I don’t recommend this Method) (automatically)

STEP 1.Use woxy

This method is the same as the method 1 except steps 1-2 and step 8

Enjoy & have fun!