How To Get SCSGO Skins For Free | BHW Method

This is a blackhat method and you will need a little setup

You need 2 steam accounts with mobile authenticator
If you don’t know how to add mobile authenticator, search about that on google

When you got that accounts second thing you need is VPN
But you don’t need to leech, leave that like and post some shit, that’s better than posting nothing

When you got VPN and Steam Accounts, thrid thing you need it’s ID (no matter what is country)

When you finally got it, next thing you need VCC or cc with 1$, that cc don’t need to have permission to go into red/minus

When you got last thing, you can start now.
Keep in mind, you can use that 1 vcc lifetime and anytime for this methode

Now you can go to

On that site if you put ID & CC you can rent a 400$ csgo skin for free (7-14 days)
And yeah you will scam them
Find ID, turn on VPN on same country as it says on ID
Put cc and boom enjoy

When you creating account make sure to put same name as it shows on ID

When you transfering skin, transfer that skin on none using steam, after 7 days transfer it to main account
Because you won’t risk to get “Trade ban” on main account

When you receive the skin, wait 7 days more and than sell that skin on opskins or cashout on websites

You can use this methode as much as you want
It would be desirable to use rdp, virtual box or Hardware ID Spoofer because if you make more than 1 account on same pc your account will get frozen and will be suspicious!



it may work but your need a pic of the cc