How To Get Real & Active Followers For Your Niche Insta | No Third-Party Stuff

You’ll get around 5-20 followers per hour in the first few days by doing this, no bots needed, just the Instagram app

This is, by the way, one of those methods that are being used by those “social media growth experts”

First step:

go to the most used hashtag for your niche, for this example, it will be “#beauty” obviously

then click on the most recent “top post” (they were usually posted 1-3h ago and have over 1k+ likes)

tap on the number of likes to see all people who liked it, start following around 25 of them (Instagram allows around 30 follows per hour)

if you want to make it more precisely you can go to their profiles and search for people who already follow a lot of people, they are more likely going to follow you back

Second step:

Search a big account within your niche (100k+ followers), go to their recent post, check who liked it and do the same stuff as above

Third step:

Go to the accounts that you follow and start unfollowing them (do around 25 per hour)

Extra things you can (should) do

Comment a LOT under top posts within your niche

Promote yourself as follow4follow and like4like (you don’t have to do it obviously lol)

Start liking a lot of the recent posts within your niche and people will check you out.



Nice One Will start doing today, thanks:smiley: