How To Get Prime Video 30 Days | Updated Method!

1- Open the
(Germany) website. No need to connect to any VPN.

2- It will open in Germany Language so you can translate it with the chrome
browser default feature.

3: Create an account on
Amazon. Update - Use only these working Email services for Registering Hotmail, Outlook, Rediffmail, Yahoo
EmailonDeck and some other
temporary email services.]

4: Now, you will see the page.

Select Add a Bank Account option.

5- Open website and select Germany.

6- Now copy the details and fill
in the next step.

7 - Fill BIC and IBAN from given above

website and enter address details (
Select Country- which country content

you want to watch And enter the
address of any city of the same country

6: Now click on Test now- pay after 30days

7: Done. Now your account has been

Prime Video 30 Days Free

Account Ready to Use

8: Now Open The for
watch amazon prime movies and login
with created accounts. After login you
will see this screen: Select Your Country
and click on start.

Tip to overcome the error of payment issues or anything

  • Make an account by using an American website with your temporary phone number from 2nd phone number apps.

Then log in with that same ID and go to and login there.

Then delete your phone number from that account and add an email so that you can use it later.

Note - (Do this step after you have used IBAN for payment)



not working tried both rediff and hotmail, the account gets banned

Account get banned instantly


This trick is very old, now they banned you so don’t waste your time

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Once upon a time this method used to work. :-1:

Worked for me,

Yup Worked but somehow i just got 7 days :expressionless:

i atleast expected it to work for 24 hours… lucky you had 7 days

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why dont you guys try making a edu mail and registering for 6 months free student trial from [united states server maybe] and use a legit card for 6 months and then cancel it

It replies me that offer not available, even on US IP, it doesn’t even show me the form to fill

I will consider myself luck then