How To Get Personal Headspace Premium Account Free In 1 Minute

Hi everyone! I recently found a method to get free Headspace Premium accounts completely free and wanted to share it!

In this method:

  • No Cracking
  • Your Own Personal Account
  • Legal and WhiteHat
  • Can resell these if you want


  1. Go to https://www.headspac…com/unemployed

  2. Fill out Recent Employer, Role, and Work Industry

(Can be anything, they won’t verify, just put software engineer at Microsoft or something)

  1. In “Last date of unemployment” make sure to put 02/05/2020 or else it won’t work

  2. Fill in any valid zip code and sign up

  3. Enjoy your Free Headspace Premium account and happy meditation!



They said that this offer is only available in US. I change to us VPN, it still says same thing. Something must be wrong at my side

Try using Double VPN in nordvpn!

Thanks you so much man!!! this is great!


Thanks it works

I succeeded registered now. Thanks

Either clear your browser cache and try again or the best option would be to open incognito windows and try again after connecting to US vpn.

In shot it is giving error because it is taking data from browser cache memory.

Thanks for this awesome share.

Thank you !! Still working.