How To Get Paid Proxies For Free

  1. Go to

  2. Create an account or log in with a Google Account

  3. Go to the sidebar and click on “Proxy”

  4. Click on IP authentication

  5. Copy and Paste your IP Address into the IP Authorization Box and Click Save Changes Button at the Bottom

  6. Click on the Proxy tab again and then click on “List”

  7. On the top there will be 3 settings, Proxy Country, Authentication Method, and Proxy list mode

  8. Choose w/e Proxy Country you want but on Authentication Method make sure its put to IP Authentication and No-Gap Assignment for the Proxy List Mode

  9. Click on the little refresh icon in the IP Address Column, make sure it doesn’t but an actual IP Address

  10. Click on Download Proxy List on the left of the Proxy List Mode Setting

  11. Now you have HQ proxies that get ~1K CPM

Notes: If you use these on a VPS or another computer make sure that IP is in the IP Authentication list too or else the proxies will not work!