How To Get Nonstop Followers / Likes On Instagram And Twitter

So… in this little tutorial, I’m going to explain how to get easy bots on Twitter Instagram to do the work for ya

1 Step- Register on
2 Step- Download soctopbot…botpresentation (only windows :c)
3 Step- Enter some instagram/twitter/facebook accs on the bot
4 Step- Every minute you have the activated accounts you will win coins with which you can exchange them for bots
5 Step- When you get x coins you go to and click on add task (up to the right), you have to put your link of Instagram or Twitter and do the task


If you don’t mind doing a bit more work, get neutrino plus app from

Collect diamonds, and use them to promote your profile on top for a while to receive followers/likes.

You can test the above tools on VT before you try, none infected!