How To Get NoLagVPN For Free [Fire Shorts Guide]

Hi, here is a way to get NoLagVPN for free

For some reason, they don’t stop the service once you buy it and request your refund via email

So if it isn’t obvious here are the steps

  1. Buy NoLagVPN membership
  2. Download all the configs (save them to a folder for you to use whenever you want)
  3. Email support and let them know you want a refund, if they ask why give them a reason like “I don’t like the VPN, It just didn’t work out for me, I don’t like how it is limited to just warzone, or whatever else”
  4. They refund it and you still have your configs which you downloaded and they still work

You won’t be able to download the configs after getting your refund so do that and save them!



the question is, Does this VPN actually works bro? like Do you get bot lobbies with this VPN?