How To Get Netflix Premium UHD For 30 Days! 💯

1. Make sure you not connected to any vpn

2. Download BOON APK for Android And Use Apple ID

[email protected] | Plus2018

And Find It On Purchased For Apple

3. Open Boon App and choose Ireland

4. It will ask for phone number, you have to install "Second Phone Number and get a trial of 3 days by using Google Play bin working.

5. After getting trial, select United Kingdom, fill fake address (you can refer Google maps), click 7 days, and there, u just got the number! Now go back to boon, select country code +44 , i.e. , UK country code and use your number, u will get a call, listen to it with attention and use it to sign up.

6. After you sign up and get your hands on the VCC

7. Now Open Express VPN or VYPR VPN or HMA PRO

8. Connect to IP: Ireland/France/UK

9. Open Firefox Focus & go to

10. Create netflix account, choose premium

11.Check Your Netlfix IP is In Ireland/France/Uk

12. Pay via PayPal.

13. On PayPal make sure Country is Ireland/France/UK

14. Fill In Random Info

15. Enjoy Netflix Premium UHD for 30 Days


DISCLAIMER: This method shared by Anonymous and confirmed it’s working so far, So use this method if it works if not then Avoid complaining.

NOTE: I have too much to do, so I can’t teach you for further queries, what is this how to use, and what is that kind stuff, I’m sure someone from here can assist you I saw members around those who know such things and can do me favor while my hard time. Have a nice day!



Cool trick and working one


I have done everything right but am not receiving the msg from boon on my second number app and resending the code four to five times it doesn’t resend the code and I didn’t receive the code either so… Any other bright ideas??

great so you came 6 MONTHS LATER just to use old trick which was posted on oct 2019



Good one :star_struck: :clap:


is it still worked?

Actually the trick was recommended by YouTube and the video publishing date was 2 months ago and used boon too but the 2nd number app says not compatible with your device so stumbled here and thought this app might do the trick but nope it didn’t… Thought I’d post the link to the video too don’t know if that’s not allowed cause if it ain’t I’ll edit peace…

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Another updated method is here:


3rd ° burn! :hot_pepper::fire: @dydx

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Can you describe the process of getting VCC from Flutterwave and how much will it cost?

My Dragons Are Happy \m/

i tried with long time ago, but the phone numbers i got had already been used for netflix. Since is a phone number lending site, same number gets around different user so its not that handy.