How to Get Netflix Premium Account | 10 Methods | 2020

I have found ten absolutely amazing working ways famous among hackers through which they get a free Netflix account.

Table of Content

  • How to hack Netflix and get a free premium account
  1. Method 1: Hack Netflix Using Google Play-
  2. Method 2: Stolen Netflix Accounts-
  3. Method 3: Hack Netflix Using Fake Credit Cards-
  4. Method 4: Virtual Cards-
  5. Method 5: Hack Netflix Using Cookies-
  6. Method 6: Hacked Modded APKs-
  7. Method 7: Get an airtel postpaid connection or Vodafone red connection
  8. Method 8: Share accounts with friends and family
  9. Method 9: Use Torrent to hack Netflix and watch Netflix premium shows.
  10. Method 10: Use popcorn time

Full tutorial link


:white_check_mark:Netflix Premium Trick​:white_check_mark:

IP: India

:point_right:t2:Go to:
:point_right:t2:Sing up and choose the high plan
:point_right:t2:Choose payment method as UPI autopay
:point_right:t2:Fill any random UPI address like [email protected]

Note: set @upi at last

When it redirects you to the payment page then just paste the URL
:eight_spoked_asterisk: in the URL and boom you got Netflix premium

Note: I am not the creator of the trick i just found it and thought of sharing it


not working

[email protected] doesnt works use something else

Question : I did and it worked. What to do after this?



Start browsing and watch films as it is…

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I tried. It redirects back to netfilx/browse

And the same message. Anyways thanks Light-kun for sharing method.

how did it work? what did you write in the upi

it will create your profile but due to pending payment i guess it will not allow you to watch movies.



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it will also work with @paytm also i guess

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same thing happening with me

It got patched 3 days ago.


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No problem

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you can also use its an amazing ad free website




:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :ok_hand: use for anime in case you watch it
its AD free too.

5 Likes is soo good, been using it for a while its better than most anime streaming websites.

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YES the only thing holding me back from using it is the skip intro button

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