How To Get MullvadVPN For A Month For Free

1 month free MullvadVPN

  • Send an empty email to
  • [email protected]
  • Then wait for the response which contains your account number.


Limited Account numbers, so be fast!


سلام روزتون به‌خیر. خوبید؟ خانواده چطورند؟

اینم فایل فیلترشکن Mullvad - android که خواسته بودید ضمیمه‌ی این ایمیل شد.

اگر فایل ویندوز درخواست کردین یادتون باشه که پسوند فایل‌های اجرائی ویندوز را از abc. به exe. تغییر دهید.

آقای پستچی پس‌کوچه

لینک دانلود

This is what he sent.
Can anybody tell if this link is secure?

The link is just indirect download link for the Mullvad apk file. What I am unable to understand is: where is the account number. Because they send to us an image thats very unclear and looks like account number:


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Okay, so found a solution probably, but I don’t know if its safe or not (my Norton Security scans and tells me that the executable is safe), and properly works or not. I am trying to get a RDP to test it but unable to get one yet.

Solution: download it from their original website instead if their repo on aws.

All the best!

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