How To Get MEGA Pro 1 Year Method

Get 1 year of MEGA Pro for FREE! I hope this helps some of you guys out!

We need to email the mega cloud with our edu email. Send an email at [email protected] like I did. I will give you sample of the email which I had sent to mega cloud. You can modify it as per your choice.

Here is the sample of the email that I sent to the mega cloud to get a free voucher code of pro lite subscription. Please be creative and modify the email rather than just copy-pasting.

Subject: Regarding extra storage

Hello, I am a student. In this hard time, I am getting lots of digital materials for my study but I am having a lack of storage capacity. I am looking for some place to store my educational materials. It would be lovely to get one account from you. Thank you

Now wait about an hour or day and you will get your voucher code on your edu email.

Now after you got your free voucher code of mega pro lite subscription, you need to redeem it.

Login to cloud website with your mega account.

Now open a new tab on same browser and go to Then enter the free mega cloud pro lite voucher code that you got on email.


This is not bullshit, you can try and you will surprise yourself.


No, It wont work now. In reply, They are asking for valid Student ID card photo and also the active enrollment info from the university.


I got this reply when I emailed them on 22 July. Is this still working because I haven’t tried after that?


Not Working, Finished for individuals but still open for universities

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Has been post before.

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I just tried my luck. Hope it works though :upside_down_face:

Got my response, Oops

Dear user,

Thank you for contacting MEGA.

The COVID-19 promotion for individuals has finished now, but MEGA will still consider applications from University administrations for their complete faculty and all registered students.

If you need more free storage space or transfer quota, you can participate in our Achievements program to earn bonuses. More details can be found here:

Kind Regards,

MEGA Support

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