How To Get McaFee Antivirus Free

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get McAfee(12 Month) Antivirus free.


1. Setting up the required account for the antiviruses.

Note: If it shows technical error and code > change IP(German but other Server).My IP Vanish didn’t work but worked for Avast Secureline. Anyway, keep trying.

  • Now enter a name, the country as Germany and other details like a street address, postcode, and date of birth. Use fake address generator to find fake address by clicking here.

  • Enter recovery email. Unselect mobile recovery if you don’t have one.

  • Type captcha code just as it is shown in the picture on your screen.

  • Now click I agree and create email now.

  • Now click on “to mailbox”. You will be redirected to your mailbox.

2. Method for free McAfee Antivirus

This process is simple. Follow carefully to avoid errors.

  • After you get email from website, Visit the Mcafee website from this link. Click on activate now option.

  • Visit the iban site and choose country Germany.
  • Now just enter the email. And click on continue as user

  • Now enter the details from iban site. Enter name, postcode, address, and number from the IBAN site.
  • Enter the name and Iban number. Then click further.
  • And click on ‘to buy’ option.

  • Congratulations your order is a success. Enjoy 12month McAfee premium antivirus for free.
  • Now continue to McAfee. Download the antivirus and enjoy. After your subscription is finished just follow this process to get another subscription. Remove your old app and download new one.

Note: If this method didn’t worked for you because of expiration of offer please visit this link and use the described iban method.

This email can be used to get Kaspersky Antivirus free 1 month. Similar method > Link

Bonus tip: This iban method which you used in McAfee also works for Norton antivirus, Bit Defender and vpn.



Hi @JovialH4ckr
Thanks alot for your sharing, should I do virus scan or call them?

First you have to download the antivirus. Then do what you want.


Hi @JovialH4ckr
Please let me know from where can I download the antivirus? And how to skip that step “virus scan or call them”.