How To Get Lynda & Skillshare Premium Account Legally | Lynda Free For Lifetime | SkillShare For 3 Months!

Does it mean that we are no longer can use the existing account using this method ? how about the other @here is still working ?

so sad, i have really ẹnoyed Lynda stuff. Now i have to say goodbye. maybe forever

Very sad. All options are not working


I’m also experiencing the same issue @vindecode

me too.

  • Your request could not be processed. Check your card and PIN and try again. If problems persist, contact your library.
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Another Method:

Make sure you use any VPN, I used VPNcity, to get the account of VPNcity check the forum.
NordVPN or any other would also work fine…

  1. First of all you need to get a random(disposable) Massachusetts address, because it will not work with your real address. To create Massachusetts account
    Click the following link :

  2. Now you need to register in Boston library to get the card number for Boston library

  3. Fill the details being asked in 2nd step using the link given in step 1 and make sure you check yes when asked are you from Massachusetts?

  4. Now when you have done you will get a temporary user id in your provided email, Note that down.

  5. Finally go to lynda by clicking

  6. Put “” in the field without inverted commas. And hit continue then you will be asked for library card number and PIN you set that you set while following step 2 (put that temorary user id in library card number which you’ve got in your mail).

  7. Now proceed further, Now Lynda will ask you have you ever had account on Lynda?
    Click, I never had an Account on Lynda.
    Proceed with the further info being asked during form filling … prefer to use the Same details that you applied while following step 2.

  8. HIT CREATE ACCOUNT and you’ll be done…


Pls comment, like and share the proofs!


worked fine for me bro thanks.



Thank you so much!

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Love you @SaM

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Thanks brother @SaM for posting my effort…love you @SaM

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No brother please go below down the comments you’ll find another way out…

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Thanks, This works

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Dude You are a legend. Thank you so much!!! :grinning: :grinning:


WOW Thanks man! It’s actually work! I just did it :laughing:


Can you please help me I have got an error

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You’re using the outdated method. Scroll up and find the updated method of Pawan_Kumar. I followed his method and it work.


After trials and errors, I notice something that help the registeration success:

  1. Do not copy and paste, type everything by hand. It seems like they detect copy - paste as fraud or robot or something. Everytime I copy - paste the information, it will reject my registration.
  2. You don’t need to fill the phone number.
  3. Use actual gmail, I use temp email and got rejected, then I go to gmail register a real one and it work like a charm.
  4. Not every VPN work, I have 1 year subscription of windscribe vpn, so I use it. It won’t work, the library website detected the use of vpn. Then I borrow NordVPN from my friend, it work.

Have you used Houston library or Boston library?

I use Boston library.

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