How To Get Lynda Premuim 90 Days | Legit & Working Method 💯

Hello OneHackers :smiley:

I found this leak and thought to share with you guys, credit to nof43nds outsider for bringing it down!

What you’ll need:

  • Email address
  • VPN (USA)

Here are the steps:

  1. Go here for DC Library Card Application
  2. Fill in the box (for the Home Address I recommend you to look for a house in DC for sale or rent in this site ), You don’t have to fill the box without (*) mark.
  3. Request Library Card
  4. Check your mail, and copy the login information
  5. log in to with Organization Portal (Sign in with your organization portal), type “
  6. Then, fill your login info from your mail

This account will last 90 days.

Enjoy & Happy Learning! :heart:

NOTE: It is reported that this trick works as for 30 September, so hurry up and try!


Thanks sam

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Wow thank u so much @SaM it work for me… Wallaaa!!!

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It worked for me, too. I’m very grateful, many many thanks.

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Thank you. It works fine !

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It works for Me(today[1-10-2020] also). thank you.

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Thank you Sam. It works guys.

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1hackers it doesn’t work for me. can anyone help me to create one ??

Enter the temporary ID:
Temporary PIN:
that they sent you to the mail

I have entered that details then clicked on login button but it gave me this error.

it worked… thanks a million !!!

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does has premium courses ?

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Do we required to use vpn every time we login into Lynda or not?

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@Himanshu_Vashisht No, it doesn’t require.

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@sree Yes, it does have premium courses.

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