How To Get Lynda Premuim 90 Days | Legit & Working Method 💯

Hello OneHackers :smiley:

I found this leak and thought to share with you guys, credit to nof43nds outsider for bringing it down!

What you’ll need:

  • Email address
  • VPN (USA)

Here are the steps:

  1. Go here for DC Library Card Application
  2. Fill in the box (for the Home Address I recommend you to look for a house in DC for sale or rent in this site ), You don’t have to fill the box without (*) mark.
  3. Request Library Card
  4. Check your mail, and copy the login information
  5. log in to with Organization Portal (Sign in with your organization portal), type “
  6. Then, fill your login info from your mail

This account will last 90 days.

Enjoy & Happy Learning! :heart:

NOTE: It is reported that this trick works as for 30 September, so hurry up and try!


Thanks sam

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Wow thank u so much @SaM it work for me… Wallaaa!!!

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It worked for me, too. I’m very grateful, many many thanks.

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Thank you. It works fine !

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It works for Me(today[1-10-2020] also). thank you.

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Thank you Sam. It works guys.

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1hackers it doesn’t work for me. can anyone help me to create one ??

Enter the temporary ID:
Temporary PIN:
that they sent you to the mail

I have entered that details then clicked on login button but it gave me this error.

it worked… thanks a million !!!

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does has premium courses ?

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Do we required to use vpn every time we login into Lynda or not?

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@Himanshu_Vashisht No, it doesn’t require.

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@sree Yes, it does have premium courses.

Great work…Thank you…

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I tried it and apparently lynda is now LinkedIn… you are only allowed to input your library card. I inputed it but it didn’t work after getting from the procedure. I think this method is now outdated…

Why would you think, September 2020 published date. And there are some alternative solutions belongs to this trick, if you could reach them it can be done!

Good Luck!

I hope so. Thanks.

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