How to get Lynda lifetime access for FREE | & fake address generator

In this tutorial you can see how to get Lynda premium access for lifetime for free and without any credit card or trials.
They are easy steps to follow.


Thank you! It work!

I’m very grateful, thank you for sharing.

Didnt work for me got this response => The org parameter is missing. Your request could not be processed. Have your library contact


Hi, please go to []

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I think as the Library method works mostly for 3 months then it expired or stop working, by the way, Thanks for sharing.

Great …Many thanks for this share :slight_smile:

Thank you. It is perfectly working. However, just to ease the typing for other folks, below are the links.


Thanks it’s working :100:

Thank you it is working. appreciated

its works thanks

thank you very much sir!

Same here

Thank you so much it worked. You are a star.

Worked! Thank you!

thank so much

Thank you so much, Sir

Thank you very much sir works great…

thanks, this made it work

Thank you. It really worked. :astonished:

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