How To Get Into Hacking | Learn The Basics

Do you want to learn the basics of hacking? From coding simple malware in Python, such as basic KeyLoggers, SQL Injections with SQLMap, and learning Kali Linux. You can do all of this for free with almost no requirements. It’s a very simple method that does not require an account. All you need is an internet connection, web browser, PC, and preferably a Kali Linux OS / VPS.

There are many videos on YouTube that goes through everything from the theory behind various attacks and aspects of hacking to showing step-by-step. Learn everything from cracking hashes with various methods with HashCat to SQL Injections to coding your own malware. The majority of these are meant for “Educational Purposes” or advertised as “Ethical Hacking Course”. Even with this, it can help you get started for free and be used for malicious purposes.

Don’t expect to learn advanced SQL Methods or code undetectable malware in Python, but it’s a good start rather than paying for paid shitty courses.

“So how do I find these videos?” you might ask. And it’s pretty simple, go to google and search up terms such as “Hacking course for beginners”, “Learn ethical hacking” or search up a specific term you which to learn. Alternatively, you can look up these creators I found from a few quick searches:

“The Cyber Mentor”
“CyberSec Tamil”

Just be creative and look around. It’s almost a bit surprising how much you can teach people on YouTube that can easily be used maliciously if you just say it’s for “Educational purposes only”.

Final Notes
Don’t expect to learn advanced SQL Injection methods and become the next big deal in the cracking scene. Or expect to learn how to code undetectable malware that could sell for hundreds. It’s mainly just for beginners to learn the basics and get started without paying for expensive courses that they just lose interest in when they see that hacking isn’t like it’s shown in movies.