How to get Freelancing Projects

Follow These Actionable Steps.

But first, answer the below questions :

Do you have High Demand Skills?

Have you made your skills portfolio?

Are you confident in your work delivery?

If your Answers is Yes

Now let’s come to the point, here i have listed some most crucial steps

  • Make an account with full details of your skill on any freelancing platform (i like Fiverr) and leave it for some time.
  • Now Tell People about your Skills and show them some examples. The more people you meet, the more people you tell ,the more chances you will get your first project as a freelancer. (80% chances you will get)
  • Then work hard on your first project and deliver it, when they ask you for Payment tell them you will take payment from Fiverr or freelancer, Give them a huge discount, don’t worry things are always difficult at the start.
  • So there are much higher chances they will pay with Fiverr by giving you good reviews.
  • Now repeat the above steps by showing review to more people (you can show it with your Instagram post, or youtube or Fb, etc)

Do you know? You have open two gates, one word-of-mouth

and the other is an Online freelancing Platform.

Oh, By the way, you might be thinking about adding fake projects or fake reviews with your own money.

Yes You can do that, BUT you can’t sell skills to yourself, so don’t cheat yourself.

Now Go Ahead, Build Your Self, and Your Skills.