How To Get Free Youtube Views Nonstop ✅

Step 1 - Go To Below Link…

Step 2 - Register And Verify The Mail

Step 3 - Click On My Site…

Step 4 - Scroll Down And Click on Add Sites… Add Your YouTube Video Link…

Step 5 - Download Their Desktop App And Leave It Running (Rdp Will B Recommended)

Step 6 - App Will Visits Sites And Gain U Points Which Can B Used In Exchange Of Views

Step 7 - Go Back To My Sites And Add Points To Your YouTube Video And See Views After Some Time

Enjoy and happy learning!


This website is not good.

The Youtube system easily detects fake views from this website. And drops the views on the video.

Terrible site please don’t use otohits.

Thanks for sharing, but please don’t use such sites as youtube can also ban your channel, so I would never recommend it.

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Thanks for the share. Very much appriciated. I’m going to thake the advise from the comments above. :cry:

It is safe, that’s why it’s here, and this makes sense, as far I know, unless you have the proper knowledge to use and when to use it, there is no such need to mess with such things, so, do it or leave it but no abuse the share or recommendations. Have a nice day!

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