How To Get Free YouTube Views, Likes, And Subscribers

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Good method (Good for AFK):

  1. Click “Earn Credits”

  2. Click on “YouTube Views” (This is the one you can abuse)

  3. Click “New Session” and open up 3 of them

  4. Click “Start” on all the windows.

  5. Mute the YouTube videos and if you click minimize on the window, then you still get credits and it doesn’t affect system performance.

  6. Leave it overnight for 8 hours then you can get about 4000 credits

How to get really good credits (for more points, use both method):

  1. Click subscribers or like.

  2. Download a macro program like Mouse Recorder.

  3. And then record you liking and subscribing (use alt YouTube account to do this)

  4. AFK. Profit.

Thing to note:

  • You need to do 50 exchanges to start making campaigns and get stuff on your videos which with 3 clients you can get really quickly.
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