How To Get Free Xbox Live! [Guide]

Stage I: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my eBook. Within this eBook contains a method on how to get free
Xbox LIVE membership codes which can be used to create your own shop!
This eBook contains:

• A full method on getting Xbox LIVE Membership codes for personal or commercial use.
• A very basic phishing tutorial with an obvious spreading method.
• Basic website creation knowledge.
• Have access to a phone or own a Skype Premium account.

Stage II: Acquisition

To begin, we need to have a way to obtain Xbox LIVE accounts with the subscription on them.
Two methods I suggest would be:

• Making a phishing site. (Although this is optional)
• Purchasing accounts from someone.

When creating a phishing site be sure to use a name or theme something like free Xbox
currency with a sign-in page where you steal their accounts. After you have your phishing
site setup we need to spread it around, go to YouTube and spam it on videos, or use a
spreading method of your choice.

An example of this would be: “Hey, I just found this amazing site that gives away free Xbox
currency Link to your site

After you get a decent amount of accounts with a valid gold membership to send a message to
all of the friends with your phishing site so you get more accounts. When done and have a
decent amount of accounts we need to strip them of gold membership.

Stage III: Getting the Codes

For this next step, you will need a phone or a Skype premium membership with the ability to
call phones. You will now need to sign into one of the accounts you have obtained. Next, you
need to go to this link:…ontact-us#3:0:2

And request a call from Microsoft, enter your phone number and wait for the call!
When you get on the phone with a representative tell them that you need to cancel your
Xbox LIVE subscription because you’re moving away and won’t have access to an Xbox so
you can’t play.

They will ask you to provide them with an e-mail; Say any email you have
access to such as your personal email. They will say they’re going to send an e-mail to you
with some tokens for your remaining subscription. (Xbox Codes) The email will take around
5 minutes to come through.

Stage IV: Conclusion

Once you have the codes you can sell them on eBay or premium sources or just use them for

NOTE: This trick Not Tested by me so far but a few outsiders reported it’s working! credit to the original resource.

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