How To Get Free Xbox Keys | Method

Basic Information:

  • Non Carded
  • Socially Engineered


  • Photoshop (I Recommend CS6 Because Its Easiest To Crack)
  • Unactivated Xbox Gift Cards(Walk Into A Store And Grab A Few And Put Them In Your Pocket Then Walk Out)
  • Fake Receipt(Included In The ZIP File)

Optional But Recommended:

  • Printer For Printing Receipts

Step One: Sign Up For A Microsoft Account (Dont Use Your Main As Mine Got A Two Week Ban For This)

Step Two: Open The “Xbox Gift Card PSD.psd” With Photoshop

Step Three: Take The Serial Number Off The Back Of One Of The Cards

Step Four: Change The Serial Number Of The Receipt To The One From Step Three And Change The Date To Yesterday Date Anywhere Between 12PM-4PM

Step Five: Go To File-> Save As-> reciept.pdf

Step Six: Visit →

Step Seven: Click Contact Now

Step Eight: Select Subscriptions & Billing

Step Nine: I Can’t Redeem A Code

Step Ten: Click Forward

Step Eleven: Select Chat Online

Step Twelve: Wait For The Support Chat Agent

Step Thirteen: Tell Them You Went Into Best Buy And Bought An Xbox Card And When You Went Home To Activate It, It Said The Code Was Invalid So You Called Up The Store And They Said To Contact Their Support Chat. (Keep To This Story Dont Break Character)

Step Fourteen: They Will Ask For You To Take Pictures Of The Card (Front & Back) With The Case Number On Both Sides (Do So In Pencil So You Can Erase If Any Issues Arise, Make Sure To Include The Full Card Avoid Having Cropped Pictures ETC)

Step Fifteen: They Will Also Ask For The Receipt (Upload It To The Same Link They Gave You From The

Last Step

Step Sixteen: Go Along With The Questions They Ask (If They Ask For A Physical Copy Of The Receipt U Can Either Save The Receipt As A PNG And Print It Cut It And Crinkle It Or Say You Dont Have A Physical Copy Of The Receipt)

Download: Xbox Receipt PSD

Happy learning!


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