How To Get Free Windows/Linux RDP | One Hour Per Session

  1. First, go to

  2. start 7 day trial for the course (Need credit card/debit card)

  3. Cancel the trial instantly, you will get 7 day access.

  4. Then got assignment which will give you access to Windows/linux RDP for 1 hour.

  5. I don’t think it can be used for cracking, but you still got 1 hour.

  6. After 7 days, delete the account and create a new one.

  7. Repeat, you can use the same VCC.

  8. Few EDU email gives access to most of the courses, but haven’t tried it yet.

NOTE: There are multiple assignments which will give you access to Linux and Windows RDP for 1 hour, Sometime you exceed quota so you can contact the platform to reset data.