How To Get Free RDP | Legit Method

1.) First, find and get .edu mail combo list. (search in the forum, many articles available)

  • In case of you have edu mail you are good to go.

2.) Head to azure for students
3.) Sign in / up for student trial
4.) Easy free rdp for whatever you need.

Country: US (use VPN)

1.) Download google cloud and select a folder to backup. When you rinse and repeat this method all you have to do is download google cloud and sync.

2.) When choosing your rdp build, the higher quality = less days of free trial. I usually go for 4 core 8 ram.



hey can anyone provide tutorial abhout what is rdp and what kind of benefits do we get i have microsoft edu account and want to use remote desktop connection but doesn’t know what benefits will i get …sorry i didn’t check in the forum about it

please also tell which MOBILE no. to use to verify as they don’t accept VOIP numbers and I have non-US mobile number with me

You can use non us number.
If don’t want to use personal no. Then use 2nr app.

What are the advantages of RDP anyone?

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