How To Get Free PS+ Trial | Repeatable Method

1.Create a new user on your PSN(with new e-mail)
2.Set Country to Indonesia when prompted

-City: Balikpapan City
-Province: East Kalimantan
-Postcode: 76111

4.Log into your e-mail and confirm your account when asked, then choose Already Verified on your PS
5.Skip all the other steps, such as phone confirmation etc.
6. Go to your PS store on the new account, go to PS+ and get the 14 Day Free Trial ( it might say you need a card to do this, but that is not true just press proceed to checkout)
7.Go to Setting>Account Management> Activate as your primary PS4
8.Voila, now you have PS+ on all your accounts.
9.Repeat the process in 2 weeks after it expires.



Not working. It gives an error like
An error has occurred.