How To Get Free One Month Of TVNOW | Complete Tutorial With Screenshots By Asciiiz

First what is TVNOW?

TVNOW is German Video-on-Demand Service offering, Animes, Live TV of RTL, VOX and more…

How is this Method working?

Requirements: - VPN

  • Tempmail

Steps (Follow by Follow for working):

Step 1: Open your Browser and open 3 Tabs. On the first tab you got to, on the second on, and on third on Like that in the screenshots.

Step 2: Go to the TVNOW Tab and press “JETZT TESTEN” (Yellow Arrow)

Step 3: After that you will see three Plans: Free, Premium, Premium+. For best Experience, i would recommend Premium+, because you have then no ads. So we select Premium+ and click on ‘JETZT BUCHEN’

Step 4: After you clicked ‘JETZT BUCHEN’, you will see some Fields that you have to fill out. Take the Email from Temp-Mail and enter your Password and Random Birthday. Like that in Screenshot:

Step 5: After that press ‘Weiter’, now go back to your Temp-Mail Tab and you will see an mail from TVNOW with Verify Button, Click it.

Step 7: After that you will see you must enter some Person Details, so here comes Fake-IT in the Game, go to Fake-IT find German Flag, scroll down and you will se some Parts, the important Parts that we need are: Personal Details and Financial Details. So we need to enter First and Last Name. Find on Fake-It under Personal Details, Name and Paste it here in like in the Screenshot, after that click on ‘KOSTENLOS PREMIUM TESTEN’:

Step 8: After that you will redirected to the Plan Selection Page: Select again Premium+

Step 9: So now we must enter Financial Details and Personal Details : Find them(IBAN). After you find them go back to TVNOW and select ‘Lastschrift’, than you must enter Name of the Card, IBAN, BIC, Adress, Home Number, Postal Code and CIty Like that:

Then tick the Mark and press ‘KAUFEN’ like that:

Step 10: So now we are testing this plan, but there is an Importent Thing to do, we have to cancel the Membership, so go to, then on Account and press on ‘MEIN PAKET’ like on Screenshot:


Now we see our Plan, click on ‘PAKET KÜNDIGEN’ like in screenshot:

Select ‘Ich hatte nur Interesse an der Testphase.’ and Press ‘WEITER’ like in screen:

Now enter your Password and click on ‘PAKET KÜNDIGEN’. So now we canceled our Plan. Now you have 1 Month Free of Anime, Serials and Live TV.