How To Get Free Level 30+ Iron To Challenger Accounts [Full Access]

This Guide will show you how to get FULL ACCESS Level 30 League of Legends accounts with Iron - Challenger rank for FREE

  • 7 easy steps
  • No cracking involved
  1. Make an Ebay account

  2. Search for any type of League account on eBay and you will find people selling plenty of accounts

  3. Buy any account you want (don’t worry, you will get this money back later)

  4. Wait for the seller to send you the account details, then change all the details.

  5. Now wait until you can open an Ebay dispute, then open the dispute, saying you didn’t receive your item.

  6. Just wait until you can escalate the case and escalate it.

  7. Because it is a digital product, the seller has no way to prove that he didn’t scam you, so the case will be closed in your favor, and you will be REFUNDED!

  8. Enjoy your free League of Legends Account

Tip: Buy a diamond account with this method, then sell it on for $100+

Happy learning!