How To Get Free Items And Age Your Amazon Account!

Found another A great method to get free items while aging your account for bigger refunds. Includes a method for fresh accounts as well. I thought it would be helpful to you guys or at least to a few members. Here it is:

Things you’ll Need:

  • Legit looking Amazon Account
  • Amazon account with at least a $50 purchase on it (Amazon requires you to have at least $50 in purchases to leave a review

If you are starting an Amazon account from scratch, then, here is how to write reviews on an account with no orders:

  1. Order a remote or something small to an amazon locker (make sure item is worth over $50)
  2. Wait 3 days with the item inside the locker and amazon will automatically return the item and refund you
  3. You should now be allowed to write reviews for up to 6 months on the account (you won’t need this much time because you just need it to do your first review)

What to do:

  1. If you live in the United States, Join a Facebook group called “Amazon Review US” (there’s one in each country). This is where people (mostly Asian manufacturers) who sell on amazon find people to buy their products and leave a five star review. After, the review, they will give you a full refund on paypal.
  2. Now you need to find someone from the facebook page to leave a review for and grow your Amazon order history. TIP: Make sure the person you are dealing with is trusted on the Facebook page. If they are not trusted you could get scammed
  3. You just place your order on amazon
  4. Receive product & leave 5 star review
  5. Seller will now refund you on paypal and cover all the paypal fees (The sellers do not use FnF)
  6. Now that you have your new free product, you can either sell it or keep it (sometimes some cool items can be found, I got a nice keyboard once)
  7. After doing this for a bit, you will now have an amazon account that has a good order history. You can now do refunds with this account for bigger amounts without them getting too suspicious because the account looks legit!

Note : Sometimes the facebook groups require a one time donation of about $1 to join the group. This is because they do not want tons of bots or scammers mass joining the group. Sometimes they require a donation through weChat or something. Depends on what group you join. Good Luck!



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