How To Get Free Instagram Followers Easily!

Follow Steps:

Step one : choose the account you want to gain followers & likes on & choose another account to use as a dummy account.

Step two : after choosing the account you want to gain on & your dummy account go to your browser & go to these sites

— takipcimx . com
— klastakipci . com
— bayitakipci . com
— gramtakipci . com
— takipstar . com

Step three : after going to a site login using your dummy account.

Step four : after login you’ll see that you have credits (credits are basically like money you can spend 1 credit for 1 follower and stuff like that) type in the username of your main account and the amount of followers you want to gain on that account.

Step five : check your main account and see the followers & likes roll in

Note : this could get your account suspended thats why you use a dummy account.

Happy learning!


not trustable source at all guys !

one day you may wake up with 5000 new people which ur following !

Any suggestions for Facebook follower?

That’s exactly why he is using dummy account to prevent such problem. …dummy account is used

next time give credit if ur gonna reupload my tutorial ://

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Whatever it is, it completely bricks your account immediately LOL :joy:

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