How To Get Free Giftcards | Any Website!

  1. Go to your desired website in which you want to buy the giftcards, I usually use kinguin, G2A, Offgamers and stuff
  2. Change your IP address and go to your PayPal account, change the Email, Password, Phone number.
  3. Go to the website you want to buy from and make sure they accept PayPal as an option. Add your giftcards to the cart lets say I do $1000 worth of Amazon giftcards.
  4. Checkout, pay and get the products. Make sure you claim them before you do the method.
  5. Make a new PayPal and contact customer support saying that your account was hacked with the money in it. He will ask you for verification like your security question or verify the paypal email you used.
  6. He will give you back access to the paypal account and tell you to wait a few days for the investigation to complete since its a big ass amount.
  7. I got my refund back in few hours and it’ll probably be the same for you
  8. Taadaaa you got your $1000 worth of giftcards and your refund from paypal



works it in any country? or perhaps us ips?

Do you think that’s necessary… At the end, they will close their business and no one could buy with them any more…

Paypal notifies the third party about the breach, by including the receipt of your purchase, stop spreading lunatic methods.

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